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December 20, 2001: Mini FAQ!

Q: Are you just making Shutterbug Follies up as you go along? It's getting complicated. I'm nervous.

A: No, I've got it all planned out. Relax.

Q: How far along are we in the current story?

A: Just about halfway. I'll be putting up a page approximately every two weeks henceforth until this story is finished, at which point I hope to resume a weekly schedule with THE NEXT STORY.

November 12, 2001: Back in the saddle!

Many thanks to readers who have not cursed my name too much while I've been neglecting the web site I had to show a readable draft of the whole story to my publisher, and hence had to pencil my way to the end of the book. That's finished, so now I can finish inking and coloring, and uploading episodes!

October 30, 2001: Print format samples available!

I've substantially altered my pitch to weekly papers, such that a miscellany of formats and color variations are shown in-situ on mocked-up tabloid pages.

October 3, 2001: Join Bee's mailing list!

Now you can avoid the disappointment of obsessively checking to see if the next episode is up--I can email you a notice when it is. Simply email me at jasonlittle@beecomix.com and ask to be put on the list. If you like, you can include your mailing address in order to receive any old-fashioned paper mailings I may elect to send out.

July 18, 2001: Bee will be a book!

I just signed a contract with Doubleday for a full-color hardcover edition of Bee's first adventure. Shutterbug Follies will be on sale in October of 2002 at fine booksellers and comic book shops across the U.S.A. and Canada.

July 18, 2001: Mail page added to Beecomix.com

I finally have gotten around to putting up all the nice letters I received in response to Jack's Luck Runs Out. New correspondence will be included as it arrives.

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