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Postal corespondents will be rewarded for their efforts.

Many thanks to all who have written! In the event that any letters have gone unanswered, my sincere apologies. I suspect that a couple have gotten lost in the huge piles of clutter that constitute my studio. Feel free to write again to chastise me.

The following letters are in response to Jack's Luck Runs Out. I'll put up any good mail regarding Bee as I receive it. All mail is assumed intended for publication unless otherwise indicated.

Dear Jason,

It was a pleasure to read your stylish book, Jack's Luck Runs Out. Your book read like a movie for Steve Buscemi and Willem Dafoe with maybe Ellen Barkin ten years ago and with bigger tits.

David McFadden
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Look for David's McFadden's Funnies at a better comics shop near you.

Dear Jason,

I enjoyed "Jack's Luck" a good deal. The face-card illustrations are a good gimmick, make the garish coloring right and proper. But I worry it's a one-time gimmick. It's clever, but can you make this style work for you? I guess I'm sayin' it's a swell one-shot, but now what?

Best wishes,

Matt Levin
Hatfield, Massachusetts

I guess I didn't make the ending clear enough! No, that's it for the playing card stuff for me . . . no sequel is in the works.

Dear Jason,

Did (or do) you go to Pratt? I used to live on Washington Avenue for a while (back during the Taft administration) where I was mugged, beaten up & verbally abused on a daily basis. Ah, Brooklyn!

Good luck with the comic,

Daniel Clowes
Berkeley, California

Mr. Clowes is, of course, the author of the magnificent David Boring. For an excellent summary of Washington Avenue's golden age, see his "Art School Confidential" and "Blue Italian Shit". Clinton Hill has gentrified considerably since then. And no, I don't go to Pratt, but I sure do enjoy trashpicking all the great stuff the students leave behind!

Dear Jason,

Out of the hundreds of books that pass under my nose each year, Jack's Luck Runs Out is by far the most amazing, clever, and vibrant looking book I've read in God knows how long.

Erin Tapken
Marion, Iowa

When in Marion, visit Alter Ego, Erin's discerning comics retail establishment.

Hello Jason,

I think Jack's Luck Runs Out is a terrific piece o' business. The playing card look is totally unique in my comic-reading experience and wonderful to examine. You done good, boy--damn good.


Jim Woodring
Seattle, Washington

Look for Mr. Woodring's Jim and Frank series in your local comic book store. His "Gentlemanhog" moved me to tears.

Dear Mr. Little,

I liked the back-up story fairly well. It's interesting because it was done in a very different style. I'm guessing that the "stereographic" gimmick is a joke and that you are getting a kick out of imagining people making asses of themselves crossing their eyes and shit. That woman on the cover sure does look pretty silly.


M. Elias Hiebert
Champaign, Illinois

Much to my chagrin, Elias is not the only reader who has assumed that "The Abduction Announcement"'s claim to stereography is a gag. Skeptics should look closely at the seemingly identical panels, and will notice minute differences in the placement of objects between the two.

Jason Little:

Here's something you could have changed (remember, this is just my opinion): You put comedy right after tragedy. It's like renting Citizen Kane on video, and then following the movie a Bugs Bunny cartoon is shown. Have the funny stuff first and then hit us with the hard stuff.


Spencer Morrison
Chamblee, Georgia

Hey Jason--

Hey, your comic looks great, my only complaint is that the book wasn't all your work . . . that other 3-D comix story took away from the great graphic ambience you established. Anyway, hope life is treating you well.

Best wishes,

Monte Beauchamp
Chicago, Illinois

Mr. Beauchamp is the editor of the monumental anthology Blab. Actually, I drew both stories, but in a deliberately different style. This multi-style conceit brings with it certain impracticalities. For example, a couple of years ago I attended the Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco. My booth was set up to show off my new Bee character, but I had a little pile of Jack's Luck Runs Out there as well. People kept coming up and, spotting the Jacks, would exclaim, "Oh! Is this guy here, too?"