is not only the name of a cute, insatiably curious red-haired girl, but also the name of a new cartoon strip now available to weekly newspapers.

The first story (Shutterbug Follies) introduces the exploits of plucky Bee. She works as a photo-finishing technician at Mulberry Photo, where all manner of creeps, criminals, and cranks bring her their film for processing. Bee's habit of duplicating titillating photos for her own collection takes a grim turn when corpses start popping up in the pictures. Her curiosity gets the better of her and she finds herself shadowing a mysterious foreign photographer into a diabolical trap.

Shutterbug Follies will be collected in a full-color hardcover to be published by Doubleday in September of 2002.

Above: full-color one-third page horizontal.

Bee is available in four different layouts:

Full page,
Three-column vertical,
Two-column vertical, and
One-third page horizontal,

as well as four different color formats:

Two-color, and
Black & white.

Above: full-color, full-page. Below: three-color, two-column.

Below: two-color, two column.

Got tobacco?

If you're running cigarette ads in your paper, chances are you’re printing in color. Are you sure you’re taking full advantage of the additional possibilities this can offer? Bee provides an easy opportunity for an additional splash of delicious color.

Below: black & white, three-column.

To order Bee, contact:

Jason Little
453 Washington Ave. 5a
Brooklyn, NY 11238-1835

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